Michael S. Emerson

If you’re a fan of The History Channel, The Biography Channel, A & E or The Disney Channel, chances are, you’re a fan of his as well.

While currently in pre-production on a series of new specials for A&E and The History Channel, Michael has completed work on the Emmy-Winning, critically aclaimed, ten hour mini-series “WORLD WAR II in HD,” followed by the two-hour mini series “THE AIR WAR” and the seven hour mini-series “VIETNAM in HD”.

He has also directed and co-produced numerous History Channel’s award-winning, two hour television specials including “WHEN COWBOYS WERE KING”, “HOLLYWOOD’S GREATEST VILLAINS”, “70’s FEVER” as well as the A&E, special, “CECIL B. DE MILLE” and “THE JAMES WOODS BIOGRAPHY” among others.

Michael began his media career in 1979 with the creation and hosting of the radio feature “FACE TO FACE”, an issue oriented, nationally syndicated radio news program that aired Monday through Friday, on 126 stations in the United States and 697 stations in 41 countries around the world. In 1984, after some 1,400 broadcasts, he left radio to expand his horizons in the fields of television and feature films

Throughout his media career, he has been honored with sixteen (16) national and international awards for his film and television achievements as well as a being nominated for the Advertising Industry’s prestigious Clio Award.

In addition to authoring the acclaimed book, “MASTERING the ART of MEDIA MESSAGING”, his speaking and lecturing achievements have earned him an appointment as a “Visiting Faculty Member” at the celebrated, Leadership Institute in Washington, DC.

In addition to his work as an author, producer and director, Michael also has a passion for Public Speaking and lectures extensively on Media and its impact on our lives.

Michael is a member of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.