Learn To Lead

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“Joel provides an indispensable primer that will enable even the novice political volunteer to build a highly professional 'precinct organization'. I know because I was the beneficiary of his marts and energy – as were the new-comers who learned from him and experienced the joy of winning!”

– Governor Pete Wilson

“Grassroots leadership is an art and a science. Joel has demonstrated both in his career. Politicians, consultants and grassroots activists who read this book will – learn to lead."

– Bill Simon, Former Republican Candidate for Governor

“Leader appear from time to time who transform personal political philosophy and can unite people. Joel is one of those leaders. Read his book and learn how to lead."

– Shawn Steel, National Committeeman, RNC

“I have worked with and have watched Joel manage the complex relationships amongst candidates, staff and volunteers. Over the years, I have seen the respect he has earned from each. Learn to Lead is his contribution to the continuing eructation of future political leaders."



– Lois Godfrey, Past President California Federation of Republican Women

“As a leader in the grassroots movement, Joel's book is a great resource tool for those trying to find their way and their fit within the movement. Joel's book provides a step-by-step guide to jumping in and making a difference, no matter which course you chose."

– Stacy Mott, Founder & President, Smart Girl Politics/Smart Girl Politics Action

“As a novice in grassroots politics, I had the pleasure to watch Dr. Strom put these ideas into action. In a short five months, we built Doc Squads, a national team of volunteer doctors prepared to participate in the healthcare reform debate in time for the 2012 Presidential election – real-time proof that the ideas in this book really work!"

– Beth Haynes, MD, National Co-Chair, Doc Squads; Executive Director, Benjamin Rush Society