Rush Limbaugh: Doctors Strike Back at Obamacare

Fox Business Network (Editor’s Pick): Granny Gets Thrown Off the Cliff, Again

Fox Business Network (Willis Report): Next Granny Off a Cliff


NY Times: House G.O.P. Budget Riles Some on the Right, and
Democrats See a Campaign Issue

Canada Free Press: The truth about who will REALLY throw Grandma off a cliff

Washington Post: Campaign Ad 2012: Sponsored By American Doctors 4 Truth


Daily Caller: Texas doctors try to shove Obamacare off a cliff

TPM Muckracker: Everybody Wants To Throw Granny Off A Cliff

Rock Netroots: Will Shadowy Doctors Group Have Hissy Fit Over
Ryan’s Devastating Cuts to Health care?

Gateway Pundit: Conservative Group Releases New Ad:
Obama Throws Granny Off the Cliff

Patient Power: Association of American Physicians and
Surgeons – Facebook Posting

Fox Nation: Ad: Obama Throws Grandma Off a Cliff

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